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(A recent report examined the scientific principles behind LEGO’s “Serious Play” innovation methodology, which uses play and exploration to expand innovation, and uses the hand-mind connection of working with physical objects to spark communication, idea generation and problem solving.)

You’ll also find information on related topics such as creativity, business model design, change management and entrepreneurship. Yes, you’ll need to set aside some time to get the most from these tools—but the results will be well worth it if you let us guide you to trigger your “hidden potential treasures”.


Looking for new solutions? We brainstorm a lot. Getting together to generate new ideas for urgent challenges and when it’s done professionally we even get a lot more, But are they our best ones? That’s the question. Brainstorming is under a lot of criticism these days and with questions such as these; Is this tool giving us the best ideas possible? Are we do it the right way?

Let’s take a step back. And take a look at our personal life. You remember for sure some AHA moments; those moments when a great idea pops up in your head. Everybody has them. The Interesting part is finding out when these occur.

Herewith some results from various researches of where and when these eureka or AHA-moments take place:

  • “In dreams, either sleeping or day dreaming, while walking in the woods or outdoors in nature, but rarely when in the office.”
  • “Lying in my bed just before sleeping (then get up and write down the idea in order not to forget it); when showering; when doing a walk in nature.”
  • “ Whilst driving although it’s not really the best time to write them down or record them on your phone – Our recommendation is to make a mental note and write them down when getting to your destination”
  • “Walking the pets, here it seems that people can see things more clearly than when sitting in the office. Quieting the conscious mind giving the unconscious mind room to breath.”
  • “Just after lying down to sleep, the statistics prove that after about 10 min the brain slows down and its free to think whatever one wants”.

What is surprising is that a very tiny % of these eureka-moments happens “in a brainstorm” or “at work”. This indicative research seems to confirm that that if we STOP thinking, our best ideas pop into our minds, known by experts as the “incubation period”. It is defined as “a process of unconscious recombination of thought elements that were stimulated through conscious work at one point in time, resulting in novel ideas at some later point in time”.

In the meanwhile and if you need a great idea quickly: Contact us! We will help you plan the “incubation periods” with a structured method. We will inspire you in such a way that these AHA-moments will start to flow effortlessly and continuously

Ideas, Creativity and Innovation

Let’s start from the beginning …. What is CREATIVITY? what is INNOVATION and how do you define an IDEA?

Often the terms ‘creativity’ and ‘innovation’ are used interchangeably. Right or wrong, the two words are often treated by many as synonyms. We at 3DOT3 will help you differentiate the two and guide you through a new way of thinking and doing things, the root sources where new ideas sprout from.


Creativity may be defined as ‘idea generation’. Being creative is to be able to generate or to come up with ideas, or even to gather ideas. The new idea can be simple or it can be complex. When a child thinks of an idea, even if it is a naughty one, he is being creative. Similarly, when a scientist seizes on an idea, he is exercising creativity. Creativity is hence a process, or a thinking process to be exact.


Innovation, on the other hand, can be described as ‘creativity implemented’. Innovation is putting the idea into practice. While creativity is a thinking process, innovation is a productive process. Innovation adds value to the idea, which otherwise remains as “just an idea“. Looking at it from an analogy angle, if the idea is the seed, then innovation is the plant that results from planting and nurturing that seed.

Now that we have cleared that up, go ahead and get in touch to see where we can help you getting that market edge you have been looking for!

All-Round Innovation


Release the creative forces in your organization, by applying rapid business prototyping techniques on your business development.  To to that,  we offer a unique interseccional take on Prototyping for Business by combining methodology and tools from hardware product development, software design, and business development and analysis, thereby creating unique insights for customers. 

When executing change and transformation, the key to success lies in a deep understanding of the business capabilities. High individual performance and high performance teams are two of the most important success factors. We offer our customers leading experts and international top-ranked methodology in high individual and team development so that they can unleash the true potential of each individual and each group constellation.

3DOT3 offers a wide range of executive services, such as training and coaching programs to prepare executives for the digital era, and second opinions for strategic issues and decision making.

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